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How Your Business Can Adapt During Uncertain Times

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When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many slot online business owners faced an uncertain future. How would the pandemic affect their employees? Would the business survive? What changes should they make to keep their business going?

Andrew Horn is the co-founder of Tribute, a company that helps individuals send collaborative video messages – tributes – to friends and loved ones. When the pandemic hit, Horn found himself asking these same questions about his small business; however, he soon had other worries.

“For us, the pandemic made our value proposition much clearer to users and led to massive growth,” he said. “Users, revenue and staff are up exponentially.”

At the onset of the pandemic, Horn and the Tribute team shifted their business plan and made their core product, the DIY, completely free to support everyone impacted by the coronavirus, which resulted in an onslaught of positive press coverage.

“In early March, we realized that millions of important gatherings were about to be canceled due to COVID-19,” Horn said. “The decision to offer our core product free of charge … reaffirmed our mission and purpose to create social technology that fosters meaningful connection in the world.”